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Physiotherapy is the key to helping restore your ability to live a fully active and healthy life after an injury, illness, or disability.

At HCA at The Shard we use physiotherapy to help you recover from a range of injuries and conditions as fast as possible, fully giving back your ability to function and move, while preventing the risk of re-injury in the future.

How physiotherapy can help you

We use different branches of physiotherapy at HCA at The Shard to help across a range of areas, including:

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy – to recover from day-to-day injuries, including trauma, work or lifestyle, back and neck pain, strains and sprains.

Sports Physiotherapy – to help physically active and sports people recover fromh sports-related injuries and improve sports performance.

Hand Therapy – to recover from hand injuries, including work accidents or long-term chronic conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome or RSI.

Neuro Outpatient Physiotherapy – to help with physical problems caused by a neurological condition or injury, including a head injury or stroke.

Women’s Health Physiotherapy – to help with problems involving the pelvic floor and pelvis. These may be either obstetric (pregnancy) or gynaecological related.

Physiotherapy at HCA at The Shard and what it involves

HCA at The Shard’s skilled Chartered and HCPC-registered (Health & Care Professions Council) physiotherapists use the latest and most suitable treatments and techniques to give you the best recovery. This includes:

  • Hands on treatment, including manipulation, mobilisation and soft tissue massage
  • Specific functional exercise rehabilitation
  • Pain management
  • Sports rehabilitation
  • Taping
  • Ergonomic advice

With specific exercise rehabilitation to activate and strengthen your muscles, these treatments can prevent re-injury and help you reach your goals.

We also have access to a fully equipped gym where we use state-of-the-art equipment for different injuries, such as those that have occurred in sports. Equipment includes:

  • Gait trainer treadmill – to improve gait, assess walking and running patterns and reduce pain
  • Anti-gravity treadmill – for patients that can’t weight bear or are unable to stand, such as after surgery or a fracture
  • Power rack, functional trainer and TRX – used to train patients on functional movements with resistance, and improve function and strength
  • Pilates reformer – to train core muscles by using spring resistance
  • Watt bike – used to assess cyclists and their injuries

Why choose physiotherapy at HCA Healthcare UK at The Shard?

Multidisciplinary MSK pathway – Our Physiotherapy Department is located on the same floor as both our orthopaedics and our imaging departments. Patients can be seamlessly referred for imaging diagnostics such as X-Ray or MRI, and can see their consultant and physiotherapist on the same day.

Advanced physiotherapy technology – We use advances in equipment and technology in The Physiotherapy Department to focus on specific injuries. This helps you to make an effective recovery, restoring your movement and functions so you can return to your active lifestyle more competent than before.

Top physiotherapists and quality care – Highly experienced in treating patients from all backgrounds, our world-leading physiotherapists are able to tend to a wide range of injuries and conditions. Whether you’ve undergone surgery, suffer work-related pain, or have had a sports injury, our physios have the skills and knowledge to get you back on track.

Effective treatment for the ideal outcome – At HCA at The Shard, our physiotherapy team strives to give same or next day appointments for our services. Your physiotherapist will work closely with you to give you personalised care, developing an ideal rehabilitation programme to help you achieve a fast, sustainable recovery and get you back to living a healthy, active life.

To learn more about our physiotherapy services at HCA at The Shard, or book an appointment with us, email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), or call 020 7234 2500 to speak to a member our physio team.