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Welcome to HCA at The Shard

HCA’s Outpatient centre at The Shard, rated outstanding by the Care Quality Commission, has been designed to bring world-class private healthcare to people in London. It provides easy access to exceptional facilities and top consultants in the medical field.

With teaching hospital consultants from London Bridge Hospital and The Portland Hospital, two of the UK’s leading private hospitals, at HCA at The Shard we have many services and specialities to effectively diagnose and treat any patient.

From our leading MRI services and treatment rooms to our specialities in orthopaedics and our state-of-the-art physiotherapy suite, we are proud to offer patients world-leading consultants and technology that gives the highest quality of care.

Working hard to provide same-day appointments, rapid diagnosis and treatment, our highly skilled team aims to provide convenient access to all Outpatient Services at HCA at The Shard. Those patients who require surgery or further inpatient procedures will also make a seamless transition to one our sister hospitals, like London Bridge Hospital.

More crucially, we are dedicated to the care and improvement of human life, striving to advance our healthcare standards across every part of our Outpatient Services.

From the investment we put into our innovative facilities to the outstanding consultants we select to work for us, everything we do at HCA at The Shard is done to make sure we continue to lead in private healthcare.

Top Specialities

We are proud to offer exceptional expertise across key specialties at HCA at The Shard. With healthcare ranging from diagnosing foot conditions to treating ear infections, each speciality consists of world-leading consultants, advanced facilities and the best diagnosis and treatment procedures for all types of patients.

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Key benefits

Our Outpatient Services at HCA at The Shard benefit patients in four essential ways. Together, we believe these benefits ensure every patient receives unbeatable, rapid and valuable healthcare designed to meet their needs – helping them make a complete recovery and live their lives healthily and happily.

Leading Technology

Technology plays a crucial role in healthcare. And the latest technology is required for the best care. For this reason, we use the latest cutting-edge medical equipment and software in the field, from patient examinations to diagnosis to treatments.

Benefit 1

Top Consultants

From London’s leading teaching hospitals and with a wealth of experience in private healthcare, our consultants at HCA at The Shard are the best in the medical field. They can effectively diagnose and treat numerous common and complex conditions to give the healthcare each patient needs.

Benefit 2

Quick and Easy Access

Any health condition can be stressful, so we strive to offer quick and easy access to all our services. From same day appointments to speedy results, rapid diagnosis to effective treatment, we aim to bring our patients peace of mind.

Benefit 3

Multidisciplinary Care

We believe high quality of care and exceptional healthcare go hand in hand. So our teams work together to give multidisciplinary care that is unrivalled and designed to what a patient needs, from the moment they get in touch.

Benefit 4

Find a consultant

We are proud to work with world-leading experts across a range of medical specialties. Our state-of-the-art facilities, our advanced medical technology and innovative, holistic approach to care means that we???re the healthcare provider of choice for consultants from all over the world.

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Request a callback or you can request an appointment by calling 0207 234 2009