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Mammography is used in diagnosing breast cancers, and is a highly effective way to detect breast cancer early in women over the age of 40. During a mammogram, low doses of X-rays are used to produce high quality images of the breast tissue. This is done by compressing the breast between two plates for several seconds. Patients referred for mammography at HCA at The Shard must be aged 40 or over on the date of their examination.

Digital mammography at HCA at The Shard

We use leading-edge digital technology as opposed to an analogue film screen combination. Instead of processing the image onto film, digital mammography takes an electronic image and stores it on a computer. Digital mammography is significantly better than film mammography for screening woman under the age of 50 with very dense breast tissue, or for pre or perimenopausal women of any age.

At The Shard we also provide breast tomosynthesis. Tomosynthesis is the process of using digital x-ray technology to produce a three dimensional (3D) view of the breast. With DBT, it is possible to scroll through the breast tissue without any tissue overlap (unlike the 2D imaging of conventional mammography). This method is used if further imaging of your breast is required as it provides the Radiologist with more information and therefore greater accuracy.

Why visit HCA at The Shard?

  • You will want to see a consultant specialist and undergo diagnosis as soon as you discover your symptoms. We aim to book same or next day appointments and provide results from mammography procedures as soon as possible to give you the earliest diagnosis at your convenience.
  • We work with top consultant radiologists from across London. This means you deal with experts in their field for diagnosis and treatment.
  • Our leading-edge imaging technology allows us to achieve a faster and more accurate diagnosis for patients of a variety of ages and breast types.
  • Quality of care is based on the individual requirements of our patients; tailored to their specific needs and treatment.
  • Our more responsive services enable faster diagnosis and earlier treatment, leading to better results for our patients.

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