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The Mummy MOT, The New Little Black Dress

The Mummy MOT, The New Little Black Dress

February 28, 2017

We talked to Emma Bridgewater about the new Mummy MOT 

The world of fashion says that ‘Every woman should have a Little Black Dress (LBD) in their wardrobe’. They say an LBD symbolises elegance and class, and who wouldn’t want to feel elegant and classy from time to time? You’re probably wondering what this has to do with healthcare? Well, what every woman should have, and what every woman actually gets, can dramatically differ across all aspects of life. Take having a baby, for example. In France, every woman is given up to 20 free sessions of women’s health post-natal physiotherapy to rehabilitate their pelvic floor and get their tummies “back”.
In the UK, we are lucky if we have a quick five minute chat with our GP.

Emma says ‘post natal recovery is something I am passionate about. Becoming a mummy is incredible’. 
During pregnancy, the body changes immeasurably and childbirth tests the strongest of us physically. If you were to undergo anything else as physically demanding, requiring the body significant time and energy to heal and re-calibrate, you would be given rehabilitation and time to heal.
In France, it is recognised that the body doesn’t just ping back to normal without a helping hand, women in the UK are no different and they deserve just the same service!


This is where the Mummy MOT comes in.

There are currently 80 specialist post-natal physiotherapists in the UK qualified to carry out this unique body check.
Childbirth can lead to incontinence of urine, a prolapse, diastasis recti (mummy tummy) pelvic pain, low back pain, these are all common symptoms but not normal. After having a baby most women want to regain their figures and will naturally take up exercising, but this raises questions about what exercise is safe, and will it create new symptoms or worsen existing ones? 

The Mummy Mot is a service suitable for all women, from 6 weeks to 6 years post childbirth. 

What’s included in the assessment? 

  • A full body check
  • Postural check
  • Breathing 
  • Tummy gap and pelvic floor
  • Addressing all areas of the body affected during pregnancy and post baby 
  • A bespoke post-natal recovery programme  taking into account lifestyle and fitness goals and includes specific and safe post natal exercises to regain stability and help you recover  
The Mummy MOT is the new must have, the next LBD. It will allow you to feel elegant and classy and ensure you recover optimally. Find your local practitioner here and treat yourself to feeling you again!
Emma says: “I did it, I do it, I’ve seen the results and I know you deserve it!”