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About HCA Healthcare UK

Our award-winning hospitals are internationally renowned for their exceptional standards of care and expertise.

  • We strive to go the extra mile for our patients, and to offer care that is tailored to each and every individual. Nothing is too much trouble for our staff when it comes to the wellbeing of our patients.
  • We are pioneers when it comes to using leading edge technology, and we offer access to clinical trials for the latest therapies when appropriate.
  • Our hospitals and outpatient facilities are state of the art, and offer advanced treatments and techniques that smaller private hospitals can’t.
  • All of our hospitals are equipped with the highest level of critical care facilities, so we can give you the urgent care you might need, immediately. Some private hospitals do not have this, resulting in transfers and delays at a critical time. With us, it is very rare indeed for a patient to be transferred anywhere else, so you are in the safest possible place from the very start. We also have doctors available on site every day of the year, 24/7.

We can fulfil the entire range of your medical needs including GP appointments, physiotherapy, outpatient treatments, diagnostics, major surgery and rehabilitation, pregnancy/childbirth, paediatric care and health screening.

HCA is the only private company in the UK to specialise in complex and acute medical conditions. We practice all areas of medicine from the routine through to the most challenging. Our specialities include cardiac surgery, neurology, stroke and brain injury rehabilitation, orthopaedics and paediatrics. We also offer breakthrough treatments, including for cancer.

HCA is the world’s largest private hospital group. We treat over 400,000 patients every year in our hospitals in London and Manchester, and 98.5% of our patients would recommend us to their friends and relatives.

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