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One Stop Breast Clinic

Our One-Stop Breast Clinic is a personal and highly specialised service we provide in our Outpatient Centre, HCA Healthcare at The Shard. The Clinic offers rapid access to tests, advice, diagnosis and also treats patients with problems and conditions concerning the breast.

We offer a multidisciplinary approach to all breast conditions, with our top team of Clinical Nurse Specialists, Consultant Geneticist, Cytologists, Histopathologists, as well as Mammographers, Oncologists, Pharmacists, Radiologists and Surgeons. Our Multidisciplinary Teams are leading experts in their field and are at the forefront of research developments across breast disease and breast cancer.

Breast diseases and conditions we cover at The Shard, include:

  • Breast abnormality
  • Breast and nipple infections
  • Breast cancer
  • Breast cysts and lumps
  • Breast pain (Mastalgia)
  • Breast tissue issues
  • Breast tumours, such as fibroadenoma
  • Nipple discharge

Our Breast Clinic appointments

Consultants will assess a patient’s symptoms during their appointment and conduct a physical examination. A series of diagnostic procedures may also be recommended and discussed with the patient.

All cases are discussed at a multidisciplinary meeting to confirm the best treatment plan to recommend for a patient.

Appointments may take two to three hours. Our team endeavours to keep to this time frame, but patients may be required to stay longer if further investigations are necessary. A follow-up consultation may also be required.

Patients are able to eat and drink as normal before they attend their appointment.

Breast Care Clinical Nurse Specialists – Our specialists are available during clinic appointments to help explain procedures to patients, and provide any additional information.

GP Liaison – Our service for GPs and patients who require assistance with referrals to consultants and hospital services. Patients should contact the service if they have any questions or need further information on any service we provide

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Breast clinic tests and investigations in HCA Healthcare UK at The Shard

To examine and treat breast conditions that are both common and complex, we carry out a wide range of breast procedures.

This includes:

Ultrasound scanning – this imaging technique uses sound waves to look for breast lumps, other breast abnormalities, and often to examine an issue picked up on a mammogram.
The procedure involves a consultant radiologist applying a gel to the breast and examining the breast tissue using a hand-held probe. If an area requires further investigation, the consultant radiologist will take a sample of tissue using the ultrasound to locate the exact area. Samples can be taken by a fine needle aspiration procedure, or a core biopsy – see below.

Mammograms – The mammogram machine provides an X-ray of the breasts. The procedure involves the mammographer taking images of the breast by compressing it between two plates. The Breast Clinic is staffed by an all-female team of mammographers. The compression may feel slightly uncomfortable, but only lasts for a short time. The consultant radiologist then checks the images and may recommend additional views, or tomosynthesis breast imaging to achieve the best assessment.

Fine needle aspiration – Using a fine needle and syringe to collect breast cells, this biopsy is performed to examine breast tissue under a microscope. The procedure can be uncomfortable for some patients, but only last for a few minutes. A provisional result will be available before the patient leaves the department, but a full report will be ready within 24 to 48 working hours.

Core biopsy – Using a local anaesthetic, this procedure involves removing a tiny piece of tissue from the breast. More than one sample may be required to ensure an adequate amount of tissue is taken. The procedure takes a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes. A provisional result will be available for patients before leaving the department, with a full report ready within 24 to48 working hours.

In addition to these tests, more complex investigations can be arranged and can include

If a patient requires any of these tests, they will be accompanied by a member of our team. Depending on the test, investigations will be discussed on-site by a Consultant Radiologist, or a Consultant Cytologist.

Additional breast care services

Our dedicated team offers a wide range of support for patients undergoing breast treatment. This includes complementary therapy, psychological support, and advice on lymphoedema.

Other services available are:

  • Counselling rooms
  • Dietitian
  • Genetic counselling
  • Physiotherapy services
  • Psychosexual counselling
  • Psychology support with a consultant psychologist
  • Survival wellness support programme
  • Wellbeing package

Why select our One-Stop Breast Clinic in The Shard?

Leading multidisciplinary team – Exceptionally skilled and leaders in their field, our multidisciplinary team works solely in the field of breast care. They are responsible for many of the latest advances in breast disease and cancer research for both men and women.

Advanced breast care technology – From examination to diagnosis and treatment, our One-Stop Breast Clinic consists of the most advanced medical technology. The software, tools and equipment we use helps to give the most rapid and effective healthcare to bring you the best results.

Personal quality of care – With our multidisciplinary approach, we are able to provide the highest quality of patient care across our Breast Clinic Services. From our Mammographers to Oncologists to Breast Care Clinical Nurse Specialists, we ensure we deliver a personal and highly specialised service.

Rapid access and treatment – Our exceptional team in The Shard works continuously hard to deliver rapid results and treatment. We also strive to provide appointments on the same or next day of booking when you use our Breast Care Services.

Working to the best outcome – When patients use our Breast Clinic Services in The Shard, our main focus is to work hard to bring a result that gives the best outcome. Whether we’re examining a breast issue, or treating you for breast cancer, we want to give you peace of mind and help you return to living a healthy and happy life.

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