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DEXA or DXA, which stands for Dual Energy X-ray Absorption, is technology that’s used to measure and monitor changes in a patient’s bone density.

Our consultants at HCA at The Shard conduct DEXA scanning to diagnose osteoporosis, a disease that weakens bones, and know what treatment patients need if they have the condition.

Understanding DEXA and osteoporosis

Also known as porous bone, Osteoporosis is a condition involving the gradual loss of bone density and weakening bones. This can lead to fractures and cause them to break.

There are different factors including illness, medications, dietary habits and genetic predisposition, which can contribute to the development of the condition.

A DEXA scan, which is more effective than an X-ray to identify low bone mineral density (BMD), can:

  • Accurately diagnose osteoporosis
  • Analyse weakening bone density and developing fractures.
  • Helpto decide what treatment may be appropriate.
  • Determine if you’re at risk of developing the condition.

How a DEXA scan works

The scan is painless, quick and safe, taking around 40 minutes to complete.

You will need to lie down on an examination table for the scan. Low-dose X-rays are then used to measure your bone density. Most commonly the lumbar spine and hip are imaged for this assessment. The machine can measure the BMD for each site in just a few seconds.

This examination generating two scores, a T-score and Z-score. These scores compare you first with people of your own age and sex, and then compare you with the WHO data base for women aged between 25-30. Among other things, these scores help our consultants to understand the risk of you developing a fracture.

You will be asked to change into a hospital gown for your scan. Before the scan starts, a lifestyle questionnaire will be given to you, which includes relevant questions about your medical history. The answers you provide in this will help us report optimal results. Along with the lifestyle questionnaire, the results will help the reporting radiologist produce an accurate report. Both the images and results will then be sent to your referring doctor. They will discuss this with you and advise any treatment should you need it.

Why choose HCA at The Shard’s DEXA services

Leading DEXA technology – Our DEXA scanning services at HCA at The Shard are designed with world-leading technology. The machine can rapidly and accurately diagnose osteoporosis, understand its progression, if you have the disease.

Effective access for an ideal outcome – We aim to provide same and next day appointments for all our patients using HCA at The Shard’s DEXA services. Our exceptional team aims to make sure you’re seen conveniently and quickly.

Top DEXA experts and best patient care –Our impressive team will work hard to give you world-leading care throughout the process, with the aim of helping you live a happy life.

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